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The worlds of Magic, Jugglers, Characters, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates, Knights and more...

Theatricks is your one stop shop for fantastical experiences - from magicians, to character actors, workshops, artists, face painters to fire jugglers: tell us what you want and we get it done!


Our CEO; DJ Carroll is a director, performer, actor, professional magician and drama teacher with over 30 years experience working the festival circuit and stage in all levels, roles and positions.

Having access to extremely cool props  and people who love living within stories, he has a long history of successful events, setting up ethereal and magical staged experiences and finding just the right people to animate any occasion.

Theatricks offers experienced INTER-Actors playing character types from the world of Harry Potter, Star Wars,1940’s gangsters, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Knight's Tale or any theme you could imagine. 

We offer set shows that range from busker style magic and juggling to fully interactive improvisation and dinner theatre. 

Theatricks INTER-Actors deliver costuming, make up, accents, live action role playing, stage fighting and improvisation, creating a fun, lively, and totally believable experience for your guests.


Our experience allows us to create and implement an interactive theatre storyline that will unfold throughout the day of your event, keeping your guests engaged and always wanting more.

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We are based in Elmira, Ontario


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