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Got Magic?


Whether it is a full stage show, a busker style street show or a close up wandering performance our full costumed magicians are amazing. 


We do high energy interactive shows full of humour and fantastic illusions that will leave your audience in awe. 


Do you like some comedy combined with very cool tricks?  What about escapes?  Card Tricks?  We have them all. 


This show is great for after dinner entertainment, wandering magic or as a headliner event and can be geared towards adults or family style shows.

Just Jugglers


A street show? 


Company event? 


Workshop for kids or adults? 


We have the best jugglers around.  You will get to see a whole barrage of different juggling activities - balls, rings, clubs and machetes…...maybe a unicycle too! 

These high energy performances will engage your guests and keep them entertained. Have them wander your event, or greet people at the door, or as an after dinner show - the choice is yours.

Live not Recorded

Do you like comedy? 


What about a show that the ideas come from the audience? 


Our team of comedy improvisors will put together a show that is made up of ideas right from YOU; the audience.

A fun, interactive show that is a great addition to any corporate event, the show is controlled by the people sitting in the chairs.  


We are based in Elmira, Ontario


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