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Themed Events and Promotions

We stage events or promotions at your party, evening or event. They can take place before, during and after a dinner or presentation covering 2 to 3 hours of time. 

Each show is interactive and allows people to compete in fun events, win the prize of the night and ultimately have a chance to play a part in the show. We encourage dressing up and participating fully.

We can create a four part story that happens at pre-planned moments creating excitement and anticipation throughout the event. The story line can be worked into any program, encouraging more participation and longer attendance. Chose from one of our themes, or tell us your idea. We can do almost anything you imagine. Best of all we can work around any budget.

Check it out:

Star Wars                        Pirates

Medieval                         Survivor

Gangsters                        Harry Potter

Themes can be combined with shows, parties promotions, or other events including weddings!

Star Wars

Participants are attending the New Jedi Feast and must compete in the force trials throughout the evening.


They are greeted by and interact with your choice of Jedi or Sith. 

While they enjoy their dinner, they will have a chance to try out a few moves while being coached by a Jedi Trainer

And if they are really lucky, they may even see a Jedi fight demo - complete with combat Light Sabers.

Star Wars


Have you ever wanted to be a pirate?  Now’s your chance! 


Join the Pirate King Captain Blackheart and his ships Captains as they compete for the biggest treasure ever. 


You and your team must win the night for your ship and your Captain. You will see treasures and artifacts, play games and maybe witness a sword fight or train as a buccaneer (Great Photo Ops!).


This one is definitely one of our favorite dinner shows


(Game of Thrones/Vikings)

What strikes your fancy?


We can recreate almost any era or fantasy theme and have costumed characters at your event. 


A great feast shall be held in the Kings hall -  will you be a part of the Kings team or support his evil brother. 


Come dressed in your favourite costume and play the games….but beware some may loose it could mean off with your head!



Can you and your tribe make it off the island alive?


This event is a fun interactive team night where audience members work in groups to solve riddles, challenges and obstacles that are placed on the island. 


This show is very fun and easy going and allows for a lot of audience participation.   But be careful if you mess up you could end up on Exile Island!


Gangster Casino


Come out to the speakeasy or Uncle Leo’s Lounge and try your luck at a game or chance or two. 


Listen to the music, learn an old school dance or just drink some giggle water……but make sure you know the password or you ain’t getting in.


Play the games and win “Chips” to be used later in the night for door prizes or draws. 


What a fun way to have a “Night of Chance”


Harry Potter

Wizards and Witches beware for the sorting hat is coming.


Characters dressed in the Harry Potter style will wander and entertain, create wizard duels and also teach you a little real world magic. 


We are hosting a feast at Hogwarts and you are invited…..each house will have challenges, learn spells and maybe help solve one of Tom Riddles….Riddles…...


This interactive event is by far one of the most popular and is great for Families and Adults - 'cause they all read the books too.

Harry Potter

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